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Monday, July 28, 2014

Product Review: Himalayan Dog Chew

This is one of the treats that my dogs absolutely love! 

Himalayan Dog Chew
Ingredients:  Yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice.
No preservatives or addatives.
This is by far one of the best treats that I have bought for my “kids”.  Made from an ancient Mongolian recipe of only four ingredients, this unique chew is quite dense and lasts a long time.  It is completely digestible and is more than 50% protein and almost no fat.  It is a dried cheese also known as Churpi and the Tibentan, Nepalese and Mongolian people have eaten this for centuries. 
It keeps their interest for long chewing sessions during the day and night.  In fact, my Bolos will gnaw on it for as long as I let them!  Sometimes one of my Bolo babies carries it to their favorite spot, to gnaw on it in peace and away from everyone that might try to “steal” it from them.    I like to set limits though, so it remains a treasured treat.   Also, since buying the Himalayan Dog Chews, I no longer buy dental treats, as this treat is a wonderful dental chew!
While I haven’t tasted it myself, I have heard that it tastes like cheese.  According to the makers of this chew, it is a treat that many people share with their pets.
If you want to try it: before giving it to your dog, put the chew in boiling water for five to ten minutes (depends on size) until it softens.  Use a sharp knife to cut off a piece for you then dry the chew for at least two to three hours.  To enjoy your piece of Himalayan Dog Chew, just suckle it like a piece e of hard candy.
In order to get the chew back to its original hardness for your pet, then dry the chew for twenty four hours.
Another thing I like to do when the chew finally gets down to small pieces, is either to place in the microwave for a thirty to forty seconds and make a Himalayan Puff, or boil it in water to soften it and then cut into tiny pieces and add it as a topping onto their food as a special treat.  With this product there is no waste!  It is also a perfect treat for dogs that have allergies to wheat, or beef!  While it comes in three sizes, I usually give my small dogs ( between 5 - 10 pounds) the medium size.  I reserve the small size for the little puppies starting when they are about 5-6 weeks old.  
I definitely give this product five stars, or a thumbs up!   I love the fact that it is 100% natural with no preservatives. For as many hours of entertainment it provides, you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck!  Oh!  Another big plus is that there is no or low odor… sometimes it smells faintly of cheese.  It’s much more pleasant than some of those puzzle sticks my puppies have tried.  In addition to all the other positive notes about this product, I love that it is a fair trade item that is created by the co-ops in Nepal. The cows and yaks are never given hormones or antibiotics.  They graze on open grasslands.

The chews are packaged in the United States and laboratory tested.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Enchanting tails

Welcome to the New Year 2012, and welcome to Enchanting Tails blog. It is here that I want to share stories about the exquisite and rare breed - the Bolognese. Our girls enrich our lives on a daily basis and I want to share some of that joy with you. Besides hearing about the occasional rave about our girls, FOLLOW the blog, join me on Facebook, and on twitter and we will go on a journey together to discover better ways to raise your loyal companion (whether or not it's a Bolognese or a Boxer or a Chihuahua),so you can have a long happy, healthy life together.
I'm so dedicated to this particular breed; it's my goal to let the world know they exist. I also feel compelled to research all kinds of topics from food (always a big issue) to canine health issues (another biggie), to training tips and everything in between, and share my findings with you. And certainly if you have a question, send it to me at enchantingbolognese@gmail.com I love hearing from you and love to help people.
Also, FOLLOW Enchanting Tails blog to get updates on new litters, future show updates, updates and news in the Bolognese world, and also receive special news from the Enchanting Bolognese Shop!
And by the way, you don't have to have a Bolognese Dog to shop there. Most items come in a variety of sizes and if what you're looking for is not listed, please contact me as I will be happy to try and accommodate you by special ordering your request.
A little about the Enchanting Bolognese Shop:
Everything offered through the shop are products that I stand behind 100%. They are items that I feel are for the "distinguished doggie" and his or her human, and are not items that you will usually find in your local pet store. All my life I sought out things that are different, unique, special and of course that drive to find things that are different, and special of course spill over into my world involving my little fury best friends. I support smaller manufacturers and some larger ones as long as I can be sure they create their goods with ingredients, or materials sourced from a reputable supplier. Everything you find at my shop is quality at its finest! A lot of products in the Enchanting shop, are "green" products and are made by companies doing their part to help our environment, by reducing their carbon footprint.
So, once again, welcome to Enchanting Tails; the place where you can laugh at stories and connect with other animal lovers like yourself, the place you can hear about upcoming litters, learn from my blog about various topics of research to enhance your experience of responsible pet ownership, and finally, the place where you can learn about products I will be featuring in my shop, that are as exquisite and uniqe as your loyal companion.
Have a wonderful, magical, Enchanting day!!

With smiles and wags

Anna Amarilla & her girls
Friday, August 19, 2011

Hi family and friends!

I recently started my journey as a breeder of an exquisite, Italian, rare breed dog called the Bolognese. I'm very excited about it, as I love them so much. I currently have three girls: Isabella, Gianna and Cecilia. Gianna just had her first litter and I want to share a little bit about the Bolognese with you.

The Bolognese is an Extremely Rare Dog of the Italian Nobility and is HERE in California! I am one of the only breeders here in CA, and one of only about a dozen or more REPUTABLE breeders in the United States. I started with just one doggie, about two and a half years ago, and completely fell in love with this breed. I was heartbroken to realize how extremely rare they are and that they almost went extinct in the nineteenth century. I've always wanted to do something in life that mattered. I want to leave something behind, so that it will matter that I was ever here at all. For a long time, I thought that would be through my artwork.... (which I haven't given up on, it just took a backseat for a while), but as much joy as I get out of creating art, I get more joy out of my Bolognese each and every day. They give so much love and are constantly at my side. They make me laugh, even when i don't want to. They truly are the love of my life. I decided in my heart, that I want to make a difference with this breed. I am starting a breeding program under the guidance of one of the BEST breeders in the United States: Marsha England. She has been breeding them for well over a decade. http://www.bologneseusa.com/

My goals are to choose each mating very carefully, and to improve on the genetics of the breed and to leave a positive legacy. I want the world to know about this wonderful breed, and I want to improve the numbers so that they never ever go near extinction again.

The soft cotton white coat does not shed. Excellent companion for those with allergies. Gentle, calm temperament...yet loves to play and cuddle.Not "yappy" nor "snappy", loves children. Happy to dwell in apartments.This breed requires human contact daily, and is most happy to be the constant companion of its "humans". Very intelligent and intuitive.

Bolognese are the ONLY breed I raise, and I have American Rare Breed Champions bloodlines and European Champion bloodlines. All my Bolos have fourth genration European pedigrees. I raise these sweet babies in my home and they really are like children to me. Each puppy is nurtured, socialized, and well on its way to being crate trained & house broken by the time they leave for their forever homes. This makes their transition to their new homes much smoother for both the puppy and their new owner. written health guarantee/contract that protects both buyer and seller.

Carlos and I and our Bolo Bunch enjoy visitors!!!! So please let us know if you'd like to come by. We welcome you in our home and would be honored to show off our "babies"

If you want a breed that has ancient, Italian history and has NOT been "created" or "designed" in someone's back yard in the last ten years, the Bolognese are perfect!

They can be seen in many pieces of artwork throughout the Renaissance period, sitting close to their Royal owners. They were bred over the centuries to do one thing: to love and comfort humans. This also makes them excellent hospice companions. They also love children. They aren't "yappy" dogs, but they will bark to warn you of someone approaching.

Shipping is available for additional cost. Also: personal delivery, for additional cost as well.

Please visit my website (still a bit under construction) And by the way, if you ever need a website, or know somebody that does, the gal that did mine is EXCELLENT!!!! Her name is Paule, of PauleDesign. here is her web info: http://arena.wix.com/pauledesign

Here is my website: http://www.bolognese.ws

You can also find me on Facebook under: Enchanting Bolognese

Soon on: Twitter and Google Blogger

PLEASE share this with your friends and family that are animal lovers. Even if you or someone you know are only THINKING about getting a puppy, I am happy to answer any questions.

If I don't have a puppy at the time requested, I can either waitlist, or recommend a reputable breeder.